Order your Fresh Hops!

Wet-Hopping season is upon us! For that juicy fresh hop flavour in your next Pale Ale or IPA, try using fresh-off-the-bine hops!

Fresh Centennial Hops are now available to order at Barley’s Homebrewing Supplies for $1.50 /oz. When the hops have reached their prime, the growers pick them. It all depends on how good the growing season has been and I’ve been told it was good! The window for opportunity is narrow. When they do arrive, you’ll need to pick them up and use them as soon as possible. Expect the hops to arrive in the first week of September.

You must place your wet hop order in advance. The cut-off date will be no later than August 31 but, as mentioned, if they’re ready sooner, they must be picked sooner. So please order you’re wet hops as soon as possible.

Remember, much of the weight of fresh hops (or wet hops) is comprised of water so you want to use four to six times as much to get the equivalent alpha acid units. Many brewers choose to use regular dried hops for bittering and fresh hops later in the boil or in the fermenter. If you’re planning on using the wet hops just for dry-hopping (confused yet?) it won’t be as necessary to time your brew day perfectly.

Where are these hops coming from? None other than the local Sartori Hop Farm near Chilliwack. These are the same Sartori hops used in Driftwood’s Sartori Harvest IPA.


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