Some New Toys at Barley’s

The Brew Bucket: $265

Brew BucketFrom Ss Brewing Technologies. This 6.95 gallon Stainless Steel fermenter has a conical base and it comes with a racking arm, ball valve assembly and #2 stopper for your airlock. It’s stackable and easy to clean. The ball valve allows you to draw samples without needing a thief and simplifies racking.

Stainless Steel Thermowells with #6.5 stopper: $29

The thermowell allows for a safe and sanitary way to insert a temperature probe directly into the center of your fermenter so you know what the actual fermentation temperature is.



Pair that with:

An “Anycontrol” Dual Stage Temperature Controller: $65

Temperature ControllerUse this temperature controller for both the hot side and the cold side of your fermentation temperature control. As we’re heading into autumn, it will become more important to keep your fermenter nice and warm. Fermwrap 40 watt heaters are also available at Barley’s to use with your Anycontrol thermostat.

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