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Intertap FaucetIntertap Stainless Steel Faucets

with forward sealing shutoff design. Intertap faucets have an interchangeable spout system for increased versatility. $45




Torpedo KegsTorpedo Kegs

These ball lock kegs are a great alternative to the AMCYL or AEB options. They’re unique in that they can stack while remaining accessible for dispensing. We currently carry the 6 L (1.5 Gal) for $109 and 19 L (5 Gal) for $149 .




Brew Bucket MiniBrew Buckets

SS Brewing Technologies now has Mini Brew Buckets! These 3.5 Gallon stainless steel conical fermenters are perfect for your “half-batch” brews and greatly simplify fermentation.

Mini = $199



Distilling Bottles and Corks750ml Distilling Bottles and Corks

Pretty self explanatory. Class up your spirits with this clear glass bottle.

$2.50 per bottle

$1.00 per cork




TopazTopaz Hops

Check out this popular Australian hop variety with a light tropical fruit quality and notes of lychee. Available in 1 oz packs. $3.75

We also now have Palisade hops in bulk for the low price of $2.00 /oz. They’re associated with sweet nectar fruits and hints of citrus with a perfume floral punch.


Hop PelletsMosaic

is now available in bulk while supplies last! This means we can portion out the exact amount you want for a recipe. Unfortunately we don’t have enough inventory to sell Mosaic by the pound.

$3.25 /oz



Hop PlantsMore Hop Plants






Hop Plants!

The hop plants came and they look wonderful! Unfortunately, these have all been pre-ordered so they’re all spoken for. But we should have excess rhizomes coming. Check throughout April for rhizomes.

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