Waste Reduction Strategy 2022

Beginning January 2022, we will be making the following changes at Barley’s Homebrewing Supplies in an effort to reduce plastic waste:

  • We will now be charging for disposable shopping bags at a rate of 25 cents each. Biodegradable plastic bags will be discontinued in favour of paper bags. Please bring your own shopping bag to avoid extra fees.
  • Disposable cups for kombucha will now cost 25 cents each. Reusable bottles are available to purchase. We can fill any bottle or reusable cup that you bring in. Straws will be available upon request while supplies last.
  • Plastic bags will still be used (at no charge) for packaging grain. As an incentive to bring in your own bag/bin/pail for your grain, we will waive the milling fee (which is 35 cents/kg).

Thank you for helping to reduce plastic waste!

Barrely B

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