Hops and Grain Sale 2021

We at Barley’s Homebrewing Supplies recently celebrated our 8th anniversary and, following tradition, we’ll be having a sale of 25% off hops and grain to show our appreciation to you, our customers, for supporting us. Thank you! And thank you, especially, for supporting us during this last bogus and chaotic year.

In previous years, our sale day was always a bustling and fun event. Our store would be packed with homebrewers gathering and chatting about their next big brews. We’ll be doing things a bit differently this year to discourage social gathering so please read the fine print and thank you for understanding!

25 % Off Hops and Grain Sale: Wednesday March 24th to Saturday March 27th, 2021

  • In order to take advantage of the sale, orders must be emailed in advance to info@barleyshomebrewing.com and picked up between March 24th and March 27th. Please email at least one day in advance and let us know when you’re coming. Sale pricing will NOT apply to online orders at shopbarley.com.
  • 25% off grain: Sale pricing does not apply to full (25 kg) sacks of grain. Barley’s offers bulk pricing on full sacks of grain year-round. Please wait until after the sale if you would like to purchase a full sack of grain. For bulk pricing, please inquire by email. This discount does not apply to liquid or dry malt extract.
  • 25% off hops: Up to 8 ounces per variety per customer. Barley’s offers bulk pricing on hops by the pound (16 oz.) year-round. For bulk pricing, please inquire by email. This discount does not apply to Cryo Hops/LupuLN2 packages.

Hops and Grain at Barley's

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