Pale Ale Competition

Sign up for our Pale Ale Homebrew Competition for a chance to win! Barley’s Homebrewing Supplies is teaming up with Tinhouse Brewing Co in Port Coquitlam for our next homebrew competition.

Pale ales are my personal favourite beer style. It’s the beer that demands another pint. American-style pale ales are great but we don’t want to restrict your creativity. American, English, Belgian, Norwegian. Subtle or a hop-bomb. Add fruit to it if you think it’ll get you the win! There’s no need to follow BJCP guidelines for this pale ale homebrew Competition. Get creative!

Pale Ale Homebrew Competition Deadline:

  • Enter your name by February 17th 2020
  • Submit your beer to Barley’s Homebrewing Supplies between March 15th and 19th 2020


  • As long as you can justify that it’s a Pale Ale, you can submit it!
  • Submit one bottle – 355 ml to 650 ml – to Barley’s Homebrewing Supplies


  • Judging will take place on March 19th or on the weekend following that date. Your entry will be enjoyed by the Barley’s staff as well as representatives from Tinhouse Brewing Co. including Phil Smith, Andy MacIntosh and Mark Birnie. Every beer entered will have some tasting notes (but not to BJCP standard).

There Will Be One or Two Winners!:

Barley’s Pick: Our pick for best pale ale will receive a free sack of grain and a free pound of hops (of your choice up to $100 value). If you don’t have your own grain mill, we’ll put your sack of grain on our Barley Club and you can pull from the bag until you deplete 25 kg. And we’ll add your recipe to our recipe book!

Tinhouse Pick: Phil, Andy and Mark will also pick their favourite pale ale. Tinhouse is offering a prize package of some TBD swag/growler/gift card as well as (DRUM ROLL): An invitation to brew a 50 L pilot batch of the winning recipe with the Tinhouse team at the brewery. Get your beer on tap!

It’s possible for both sets of judges to choose the same winner!

Send us an email or call to Sign up for our Pale Ale Homebrew Competition!

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