Customer Appreciation Sale: Saturday March 4th

Barley’s invites you to enjoy a 25% discount

in-store on hops and grain.

Another year already?! Thanks for sticking with us! And to show our appreciation, we’re doing our 4th annual customer appreciation sale. Enjoy 25% off your hops and grain on Saturday March 4th, 2017!

For those of you who have your own grain mill and like to maintain an inventory, this is a great opportunity to stock up on some specialty grains. Or load up your freezer with hops so you can brew what you want, when you want!

*This sale applies to in-store purchases only. Online sales will not be discounted.

*Please note that this sale applies to hops and grain only and does not include malt extract.

*This sale does not change the discount that is already in place for full sacks. Full sacks of grain are discounted year-round.

*Hop purchases will be limited to 8 oz per variety per customer.

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