New Stuff!


The Grainfather:

An All-in-one electric all grain brewing system. $1099*

The Grainfather comes complete with

  • A temperature controller to go from mashing to boiling in the same vessel. Dial in your exact mash temperature for step mashing or single infusion.
  • An interior grain basket for mashing.
  • A magnetic drive pump to recirculate your wort.
  • A counter flow wort chiller.
  • At 1600 Watt and 120 volt, any regular household outlet can be your power source.

*Pricing is as of Feb 18, 2016 and is subject to change.

Pressurized Growlers
























Mini Kegs

Turn these stainless steel growlers into mini kegs with new options for pressurizing and tap dispensing! Fill your growler and dispense at your leisure without worrying about oxidation or losing carbonation.

  • 2L Mini Keg – $39
  • 4L Mini Keg – $60
  • Mini Reg with plastic cap and tap – $79
  • Deluxe Mini Reg with chrome plated faucet – $160
  • Regulator for Paintball Cylinder – $119

Mini Regulators are compatible with 16g threaded CO2 cartridges available in-store.

*Pricing is as of Feb 18, 2016 and is subject to change.


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