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Introduces the new Barley’s Barley Club program.

With the Barley Club, you can take advantage of bulk grain discounts without having to store sacks of grain at home and without needing your own mill.

Here’s how it works:

You can pay, up front, for a full sack (25 kg) of base malt at a discounted price. The discount works out to about 20% off the retail price.

Each time you come in for a recipe, you’ll pull from the 25kg you already purchased until it’s depleted. We’ll keep track of your grain balance at Barley’s. See the chart below for the malts available in the Barley Club (Yes, wheat malt is part of the Barley Club)

The usual bulk pricing still exists for those who are able to store and mill their grain.

Barley Club Pricing

Barley Club Pricing

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