Hop Profile: Tettnang

Tettnang, or Tettnanger, hops are named after a town in Bavaria, southern Germany. These are considered one of the original noble hop varieties. Like the other varieties that share that title (Hallertau, Hersbrucker, Saaz, and Spalt), Tettnang is relatively low in alpha acids (4% to 6%) with a clean bitterness and mellow aroma. The aroma and flavour of this hop is described as mild, floral and slightly spicy, although I have seen some sources that describe them as bergamot, cognac and chocolate (that sounds like a stretch). Its beta acid contents are almost as high as its alpha acids, accentuating aromatic properties and making this hop ideal for late additions and dry hopping. Tettnang is commonly used in lagers, wheat beers and Belgian ales.

American grown Tettnang hops are often described as having a “harsher” or “coarser” woody quality to the aroma.

Hop Pellets
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