34 L (9 Gal) Brew Kettles and Keggle Conversion fittings

Brew Kettle 2Brew Kettle 1

Fittings are all weldless and include:

  • Stainless Steel thermometer. This can be screwed into one of the outlets – Comes in 6 inch or 2 inch probe.
  • Stainless steel Ball Valve with bulkhead and washers – Comes in three-piece or two-piece.
  • Sight gauge ( glass encased in stainless steel) and adapter (stainless steel) to connect to outlet – Come in 11 inch or 16 inch.
  • Stainless steel false bottom with nipple for hose attachment – Comes in 10 inch or 12 inch
  • Bazooka screen/ kettle screen – 12 inch

For prices please check HERE

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