Barley’s Challenge #2


All entries must be in BEFORE JULY 8THIf you want to bring in your clone on July 8th, you must contact me. That’s one more week than previously announced and still over 5 weeks away, which, for some of you, should be just enough time to brew something if you get on it immediately. Only one bottle (any size, unlabeled) is required for entry. You can enter more than one if they are different recipes. When you drop off your bottle, it will be labelled with a number.

David will be judging the competition at Barley’s Homebrewing Supplies on Monday July 8th at 7:00PM. All entrants are invited to this private event. Feel free to bring an extra bottles of your clone (Please don’t bring other homebrew or other beer) to the event to share and discuss with other entrants while the merciless judging takes place. If you would like to partake in this event, please bring your own tasting glass and, of course, please don’t drink and drive. David will announce a winner at the end of the night.


Local Nano-brewery, Powell Street Craft Brewery, has only been around since late 2012 but they’re already making waves.  Their flagship beer, Old Jalopy Pale Ale, just won Gold for North American Style Pale Ale (Bitter) from the 11th Annual Canadian Brewing awards. Not only that, but it beat out all other beers to claim the esteemed title of Beer of the Year!


Your Challenge:

If you choose to accept it, is to clone this beer as best you can. According to their website, Old Jalopy is:

A twist on a traditional English Pale Ale.  Caramel and English Pale malts were combined with the floral, citrus, and grapefruit notes of the North American hop, giving this ale a very distinct sensory profile. ABV: 5.5%, IBU 40

Just cryptic enough to make this competition even more interesting. Still not intrigued? Powell Street Brewmaster, himself, David Bowkett, will be judging your beer in order to determine the winner.

Start brewing now! The deadline for entering your beer in the competition will be June 30th. The date and details of the judging will be announced later.

The Prize:

Other than making some delicious beer? The winner gets to help David brew the next batch of ale at the Powell Street brewery!

Where to find Old Jalopy:

13 thoughts on “Barley’s Challenge #2

    1. Old Jalopy is being delivered to stores this week! Act quick. Something tells me it’s going to be in high demand.

  1. I’m down for this, but I haven’t tried the beer yet. Anybody heading into Vancouver to pick up some bottles in the near future?

    1. Realizing now that the deadline is June 30th. That bumps me out. The earliest I’ll be able to brew is two weeks from now, which would make for some VERY green, under-carbonated beer for June 30th. Good luck to all the other entrants!

  2. Not wanting to drive out to cloverdale, I’ve search a few of the recommended locations in Vancouver and they are all out.

    Since this essentially means that I wont get to formulate a recipe and brew until the first few days of June, I think the June 30th timeline is a little tight (and a total 6 week window when the product is largely new and unavailable is a little unrealistic)

    I request that the deadline is pushed back a few weeks so the rest of us can find and sample some jalopy pale ale and enjoy this competition

    1. Thanks for your interest in this competition. I’ll take this into consideration and aim for an 8-week window for future competitions. The new deadline for the Jalopy clone is Monday July 7th if you think you can make it. Changing it more than that at this point could be unfair to other entrants that were aiming for the June 30th deadline.

  3. I am sure the brewery has plenty, Here is a quote from their website.
    Powell Street Craft Brewery, opened by husband & wife team David Bowkett and Nicole Stefanopoulos in late 2012, is one of Vancouver’s newest nano-breweries. They focus on brewing small handcrafted batches, using all natural ingredients, as much of it local as possible. Come in for a tasting, or to fill up your Growlers and/or Boston Rounds with some of the freshest beer available.

  4. My “Old Jalopy” Clone aka “Rusty Truck” is now on tap….bring your “A” game ladies and gentleman. 🙂

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